What is a Flynn Grin?

Anyone that knows my son, knows how amazing his little smile is. No matter who he meets, he is always, well mostly, willing to share a smile. His developmental therapist came up with "Flynn Grins" just because of how unique and contagious his smile is.

I have always been a fan of quotes and doodles. For as long as I can remember I loved journaling. I like to take quotes and use typography and doodles to make them look pretty. Let's face it being a mom is hard. Being a person is hard. I have taken some quotes and added some images with them, thanks to Canva and my experience years doodling. Hopefully these will bring some happiness, motivation, inspiration, or whatever you may need to help give a smile.

I wanted to do something to spread his smiles wherever I go. When I was a kid my mom would take to to the Family Christian Bookstore, where they had business card sized cards with bible verses and quotes on them. I use to play with those like they were money, I loved them. As an adult, I see how easy it is to hand out cards to help spread some joy. I have decided to take that concept and spread his smiles. I have picked a few of my favorite quotes to get printed on cards. I would love to be able to hand them out or leave them places where I know people need a smile.

I have plans to do some other cool things with some of these quotes and images that I am really excited about. So stay tuned!!

Check out some Flynn Grins!


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