*Toxic Positivity

I notice people often want to hand out some encouragement to me when they find out I am a special needs parent, which is so nice! They always try to make everything so positive, but there are many times the positive words are anything but. It is completely possible to have “toxic positivity.” Toxic positivity is when there is so much focus on the positive thought or emotion that is is rejecting or suppressing anything negative. I don’t mean looking on the bright side of things. I mean fully ignoring anything negative. Life happens and it is not all rainbows and sunshine, but wouldn’t that be nice?

It is important when someone comes to you to vent you avoid using toxic positivity. It is important for people not to ignore the negative and pretend it doesn’t exist. It is also important to encourage people that need help and not make them feel guilty for needing to vent in the first place. Take a look at that image and try to think about how often you use these kind of words, and maybe try to change it up a big the next time. It may not seem like it would make a difference, but it really will. Not just for special needs parents, but really for anyone.


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