Superhero and his Sidekick

I got to do an adorable photoshoot with these two amazing kids! My son loves his cousin more than anyone else in the world and his cousin is so supportive. I hope these two stay the best of friends forever!

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Every superhero needs their sidekick, and my son found one in his cousin. She still doesn't understand the extent of my son's condition, but she knows he wears special shoes and goes to lots of doctors. She takes it easy with him, most of the time, and includes him in play when she feels like sharing. We take the opportunity to tell her even though Flynn is small he is very strong. She is so accepting of him and is so excited to show her favorite cousin off. She is such a motivator for him when it comes to most activities and I can never seem to get him to laugh the way she can. Every superhero needs a sidekick! She is Flynn's, which to me makes her a hero, and I know my son would be so happy to be her sidekick!


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