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Let’s talk mental state and time away from “parenting”. My husband and I have had the same arrangement for almost a year now. He has three weekend days off: one I get for me time, one he gets for him time and the other one we split. We often do things as a family and those just go in where they fit. Like tomorrow is his day but we’re going to the park. Anyway, taking time away for yourself isn’t a bad thing. I hear over and over again taking care of YOU is the first step to taking care of you child but I think that is much easier said than done. The arrangement my husband and I had is quickly becoming harder to do. With my son needing more and more therapies and going to more doctors visits, there really isn’t a day where we aren’t doing something (most involving quite a drive). So I took today and was completely lazy. I didn’t cook didn’t do much cleaning. I stayed in bed and played my video game (thank you animal crossing ). That was the first time I had done that in a while and it felt really good. I know I won’t be able to do it again for even longer. No matter what the next few month holds I am going to try to find the time where I can to just be me. And I recommend you do the same. Within reason of course!


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